Why doesn’t the Impact Fax Server see the Brooktrout board?

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Why doesn’t the Impact Fax Server see the Brooktrout board?

Post by TechnicalSupportTeam » Wed Mar 31, 2004 2:09 pm

There is a little known trick used by the Brooktrout test software. The test software is called “NTDIAG.EXE” and is it given out with the boards. The trick is that “NTDIAG.EXE” installs Brooktrout drivers and overwrites your board driver installation, giving you the illusion that your board installation is correct. The “NTDIAG.EXE” demonstrates that the Brooktrout board is functioning, but it does not install the Brooktrout drivers so that the board can be used with third party applications. Since the “NTDIAG.EXE” uses an unpublished technique to install the board’s drivers, you still have to go through the driver installation for third party products. For example, when you find that “NTDIAG.EXE” works, you still have to install the board drivers and reboot in order to work with the Impact Fax Server.

Common mistakes committed with a Brooktrout installation:

• The Brooktrout drivers are installed.
• An Impact Fax Product is installed.
• The Impact Fax product does not see the Brooktrout channels. (The driver was not installed correctly)
• “NTDIAG.EXE” is installed and the board works magically with “NTDIAG.EXE”.
• You are able to send and receive faxes with “NTDIAG.EXE”. Little known to anybody, is that “NTDIAG.EXE” sneakily installed it’s own drivers for the board.
• The Brooktrout drivers are installed again, as required by the read me file of “NTDIAG.EXE”.
• Impact Fax still does not see the Brooktrout channels. (Lets blame Impact Fax Server)

The reality is that “NTDIAG.EXE” does not use the convoluted installation methods required of users during a Brooktrout board installation. For example, setting up the BT_CALL.CFG file, PEX firmware files and DIGITAL.CFG file, just to name a few. The “NTDIAG.EXE” only proves that the board works and nothing more! It has nothing to do with YOUR installation of the Brooktrout drivers.

For details see the Brooktrout site.
http://www.brooktrout.com/pages/technic ... eadme.html

What do I do now?

Try to follow the instructions in the Impact Fax Server manual for Brooktrout board installations. If you are still having trouble, please contact Brooktrout or your board vendor for assistance.

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