Task Emails + PDF Encryption

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Task Emails + PDF Encryption

Post by encryptedemail » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:36 pm


I'm interested in using Print2Email Task Emails to create shared print queues which email an encrypted PDF file.

I'm running into some issues when I try to configure this.

I have the default Print2Email Server driver setup with no encryption and not shared out, I don't plan to use this driver for anything. I then created a Task Email queue with a name of TEST_1. The driver was created for all users. I setup all the email preferences, I will be sending to an SMTP server to the same email address with a static email subject and body and click OK.

Next I highlight the TEST_1 task email from the list and click printer settings. In here I go to the File Formats tab and click on PDF Settings...

In there I go to the Security tab and set the encryption to AES128 and set a password for user and editor and select my options. Then I go to Devices and Printers on the server right click on the Print2Email queue, and go to Printer Properties and select TEST_1 from that dialog box I share it out.

On the workstation I intend to send emails from I add the queue in the normal manner, I can see the shared queue name of TEST_1 on the print server. However if I print to that queue the result is the Attachment is NOT encrypted. I am not prompted for a password when I open the PDF file even though I set encryption on the TEST_1 Task Email. If I go back and set Encryption on the default Print2Email Server queue, and then go back to my TEST_1 queue and simply enter the password in again on the security tab it will encrypt the attachment with the password I specified for TEST_1.

It seems as though the Print2Email Server queue must have Encryption enabled for Task Emails to actually send with encryption even though they appear to have encryption set in the GUI.

If I add an additional Task Email queue for TEST_2 you can see it's brought over the Encryption setting and password from the Print2Email Server queue. Even if I enter a new password for this Task Email at the time of creation, it still uses the password I have set on the Print2Email Server queue!

Even going back into the TEST_2 queue and trying to set the password again has no effect, toggling the encryption settings on the Print2Email queue has no effect. It still encrypts the attachment TEST_2 creates with the Print2Email Server queue's password no matter what I do.

I really wanted to use this product but this particular issue is a deal breaker. I need to be sure the password set in encryption is applying and is what we set in the GUI for the Task Email.

I'm using Server 2012 R2 for the Print Server and the workstation and I just downloaded Print2Email Server today so it's the most recent version.

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Re: Task Emails + PDF Encryption

Post by TechnicalSupportTeam » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:01 am


In order to solve the problem, please perform the following steps, after you configured and shared task emails:

1. Please run the Print2Email as Administrator and select Manage Task Emails.
2. Select your first task email (TEST_1) and click Edit E-mail Settings
3. Please navigate the Admin tab, click Save settings for all users and OK.
Please repeat these steps with all Task Emails!

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Task Emails PDF Encryption

Post by JourlSor » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:26 am

Has there been any mention of this coming out in PDF format? I think that it would sell. If any goes to GGs widow I sure that would be nice...

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