This administration option lets the Server Administrator archive every sent and received fax.


To enable Archiving, click on the “Server Administration | Archiving” link, in the Impact Fax Server menu.


The following options can be set:


·        Enable Archiving: Enables or disables the archiving feature.

·        Archive directory: The Server will store a copy of every sent or received fax in this directory. This directory will contain a separate folder for every User. The directory name will be the User’s Account name. Every User directory will contain a “Sent” and a “Received” folder. The “Sent” folder will contain a copy of every fax message sent by the User, the “Received” directory will contain a copy of every fax sent to the given User. Both the “Sent” and the “Received” folder will contain a file named “data.txt”. This file contains information about the files stored in this directory.