Black Ice Software’s Form Designer is a desktop application designed to create fillable reusable TIFF forms for the medical industry, fax cover pages, governmental forms, or financial forms. The Form Designer has all the necessary controls to create interactive fillable forms for any industry or business. Black Ice Software’s Form Designer creates forms in a similar way as PDF forms but when the forms are filled and saved the forms cannot be modified or altered.


The Form Designer uses drag and drop fields in the design process. Using annotations is also an option, to make the documents more expressive. There are thousands of forms and templates available in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel format that can be quickly converted into fillable Forms with the Form Designer.



Key features


·         With Form Designer Users can make fillable forms out of already existing documents, or create new forms from scratch.

·         The forms are created in native Tiff format, which is the most common file format use for faxing, medical, social security, and for legal documents.

·         The Form Designer includes multiple controls like fillable Text, Multi-line Text, Static text, Date & Time, Checkbox, fillable Signature, Static Signature, Barcode, Number filed, Phone Number, Hyperlink, Email Address, customizable Tooltip, annotation objects.

·         The Form Designer objects could have many properties like font type selection, font colors, text alignment, borders around fields, place holder text, background colors, custom tool tips, etc.

·         The form designer controls can be created and manipulated with ease, by dragging and dropping them on the form.

·         Save forms in vector PDF, PDF/A and Compact PDF format