Text Box: Page #
Text Box: Volume 11, Issue 3
Text Box: Fax C++ - New Fax Object Sample
Text Box: Barcode Sample - ASP.NET 2005 
Text Box:                     Exit Function
                End If

            ' Write the barcode into the DIB
            ' The detailed description of the parameters see in the manual
            WriteDMBarcode = BiBwDM.WriteDataMatrix(hDib, Convert.ToInt16(POS_X), Convert.ToInt16(POS_Y))
        End If
    End Function

Text Box: This sample demonstrates how to detect/write barcodes on ASP server pages. The sample can read/write linear, data matrix and PDF-417 barcodes.
There is a new test image with 6 barcodes (2 linear, 2 DM, 2 PDF-417).
There are rotated barcodes on the test image too.
The sample demonstrates that the barcode detecting and writing is on the server side. 
This sample uses the new barcode OCXs, so the method has no parameters as reference.

The following is a snippet from the source code. This code demonstrates the writing of the DM barcodes:

Protected Function WriteDMBarcode(ByVal hDib As Integer) As Integer
        Dim BiBwDM As BIBWDMLib.BiBwDMClass
        Dim bRet As Boolean
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim szStringForCode As String = "0123456789"

        BiBwDM = New BIBWDMLib.BiBwDMClass

        ' The detailed description of the properties see in the manual
        BiBwDM.CellSize = 10
        BiBwDM.QuietZoneSize = 1
        BiBwDM.Orientation = 0

        BiBwDM.EnableStructuredAppend = False

        ' Allocate memory for the string in the OCX        bRet = Text Box: BiBwDM.SetBarcodeArrayLength(szStringForCode.Length)

        If bRet Then
            For i = 0 To szStringForCode.Length - 1
                ' Fill the array to write
                If Not BiBwDM.SetBarcodeArrayElementAt(i, Convert.ToInt16(szStringForCode(i))) Then
                    MsgBox.Text += "Element setting error in array!"