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Text Box: C++ SDK supports other faxing boards as well (like Brooktrout , Dialogic). When you’ve finished entering the parameters, just click the “Send the FAX” button, and the sample’s sending the fax! You can see the progress of the faxing session in the DOS-like console window that opens.

In order to host the faxing web application on a remote server, so not everyone would need to have a Fax C++ installation directly on their machines, you need to use the cab file that is now added into the FaxCpp32\Cab directory. In that directory, you will find a .cab and .lpk file. You need to copy both onto your server into the same directory, and when you add the <object> tag into your HTML code, you can reference the .cab as below:

String sourFileName = "test.tif";

String destFileName = "testOut.tif";


// load the source tiff file

int hDib = axBITiff1.LoadTiffIntoDIB(sourFileName, 0, false);


// get the size of the image

int width = axBIDIB1.GetDIBWidth(hDib);

int height = axBIDIB1.GetDIBHeight(hDib);


// set the background bitmap size

axBiAnno1.AnnoUISetExtent(width, height);


// create the text annotation object



// set the text annotation object

axBiAnno1.AnnoObjSetPos(10, 10);

axBiAnno1.AnnoObjSetSize(width, 800);


axBiAnno1.AnnoObjSetText("Test Test Test Test Test Test Test");

axBiAnno1.AnnoObjSetFont(100, 50, 0, 0, 100, false, false, false, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, "Arial");


// burn the text into the image

int nNewDib = axBiAnno1.AnnoBurnin(hDib);


// delete annotation objects from the page



// save the modified image

axBITiff1.SaveDIBInTiffFormat(destFileName, nNewDib, (short)BITIFFLib.enumCompressionTypes.TCOMP_NOCOMP, false);

Figure 1