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Text Box: Damaged Barcode, 11 wrong codewords fixed by Peterson-Gorenstein-Zierler algorithm making BlackIce Data Matrix reader able to decode the symbol properly.

(Barcode SDK from page 1)


number of error correction codewords available which are defined by the logical size of the symbol. Two different types of erroneous codewords can be fixed with the error correction codewords: “erasures” (damaged codewords at known locations), and “errors” (erroneous codewords at known locations). Up to 310 errors and up to 590 erasures can be fixed (in case of the largest, 144x144 logical sized symbol). The larger the logical symbol size is, the more damaged codewords can be fixed.



Text Box: Example:

Original Barcode encoding the text ‘Black Ice Data Matrix – Error Correction Feature’. Dimension: 26x26, 44 data codewords, 28 error correction codewords