Remote Print to Document Conversion
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Combine Print2RDP with a virtual printer driver and convert any printable document on the server directly to the Client machine into PDF, TIFF, HTML, JPEG or any other (30+) output formats.

How does it work?

Any of the products below are installed on users' local workstations. After adding the printer driver for the designated product in Print2RDP and connecting to the Print2RDP Terminal Server, a virtual printer driver will be created which when printed to will output the print job on the users' local machine in their assigned output directory! The print job will spool on the Server side spooler, then the print job is transmitted in compressed data to the Client where a physical output is spooled and stored.

  • PDF
  • PDF Printer Driver - standalone PDF conversion driver for converting any printable document into vector or image PDF files!
  • TIFF
  • Monochrome Printer Driver - standalone TIFF conversion driver for converting any printable document into monochrome TIFF images or ready-to-fax TIFFs!
  • ALL Formats
  • ColorPlus Printer Driver - standalone conversion driver for converting any printable document to any of the 30+ available output formats!
  • BiBatchConverter - BiBatchConverter is a universal document converter to convert any printable file to editable PDF, or any common image files. The BiBatchConverter can convert Web HTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office Documents, Image Files, Email files, EMF documents and any other printable file. BiBatchConverter also supports batch conversion and monitored directories!