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Impact Fax Server - Email to Fax - Sending a Fax in Outlook
In order to use Email to Fax, the sending Email address must
be specified as one from the Impact Fax Server user database.
To use Email to Fax feature, create a new blank email in Outlook. The email address beside From must be specified in the Impact Fax Server user database. Type the specified email address to monitor in the Impact Fax Server. Enter the destination fax number to the subject.
Optionally the user can add an username after the fax number, separated by a simple space character.
Attach the file to be faxed as the body of the fax. Browse the appropriate file type to be faxed, and click on the 'Insert' button. The email is ready to be faxed. Click on the Send button, and the Fax Server will process the email.
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