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Print2RDP - Installing Print2RDP Server
To begin installation, double click on the downloaded Print2RDP Server. The following screen will be displayed. Please disable any anti-virus software and click the 'Next' button to continue. The following screen will be displayed. Click the 'Next' button to continue. Review the license agreement, and select 'I accept the terms of the license agreement' radio button.
Press 'Next' to continue.
Select the installation directory of the Print2RDP or use the default destination folder.
Press 'Next' to continue.
Specify the desired name for Print2RDP to appear under Start > Programs or use the default settings.
Press 'Next' to continue.
If 'Default to main client printer' option of Terminal Services is enabled on the system,
the following window will appear. To disable this option (recommended), click Yes.
Print2RDP will install and then the Wizard Complete dialog will appear. Print2RDP automatically registers the Demo during installation.
A dialog will appear confirming that the Print2RDP has successfully registered over the internet.
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