Black Ice Software - Printer Driver 16.30 is released!
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Black Ice Software
Printer Driver 16.30 is released!
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Black Ice Software is proud to start 2021 off with a significant release for the Printer Drivers including improvements for licensing, upload to Web HTTPS, Databases and M-Files, and Agent printer management all now available in version 16.30!

Black Ice Software has simplified the transferring of licenses by adding a Deactivate Licenses feature that allows users to more easily transfer licenses by simply clicking a button to deactivate the license. No longer are users or administrators required to completely uninstall the software to free up a license. In addition, the Print Manager user interfaces now displays the maintenance/support contact reminder for when it is expiring.

Black Ice Software has also rewritten the proxy server registration and introduced a new “Test Proxy” feature that can be an immense time saving feature for IT managers and software deployment managers. This feature allows Administrators to test the proxy server connections and getting instant feedback with meaningful error messages to determine the proper Proxy server configurations.

An Additional noteworthy improvement includes a new "Upload documents through memory" option on the Printer Manager. This new feature simplifies the configuration to set up the Printer Driver to upload documents to a Database, Web Server though HTTPS and M-Files. This helps users/administrators more easily set up secure environments where users have no ability to access documents in a temp directory during the conversion process.

Agent printer are a great feature of the Printer Driver, allowing administrators to set up multiple different virtual printers with unique printer settings. Many customers use this feature on Print Servers to create upwards of 50 unique printers with specific functionalities, however, the management of these printers can be time consuming and complicated for system administrators. Based on our customer’s feedback, we added the option to search for Agent Printers and sort Agent printers by name in the Print Manager.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Printer Driver includes the following:

  • Added the "Deactivate License" feature to the Printer Manager (#13455)
  • Added Maintenance information to the Printer Manager -> General tab (#13471)
  • Added "Test Proxy Connection" button to the Proxy Settings window to help troubleshoot connection problems during registration (#13327)
  • Showing the number of Agent Printers of the selected printer in the Printer Manager Agent Printer tab (#13330)
  • Enabled the "Embed licensed fonts" PDF option by default (#13309)
  • Added Sorting and Searching feature to Printer Manager Agent Printers (#13326)
  • Minor improvements for Upload to M-Files to display the upload window on the top (#13339)
  • Stability improvement for SharePoint uploading if the printer driver is set to open the output PDF with ABBYY PDF (#13331)
  • Minor improvements to display the specific username, when saving the printer settings for all users fails (#13369)
  • Stability improvement for the Printer Driver MSI installer when the Print Spooler service is not running (#13370)
  • Stability improvement for licensing, preventing multiple registration windows to be opened at the same time (Fixes error 65550 issue) (#13328)
  • Added "Upload through memory" option to the Printer Manager HTTP, Database and M-Files uploading tabs (#13297, #13298, #13330)
  • Changed some licensing related error messages to be more meaningful (#13452)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.18.263
  • Updated manuals

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