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New Watermark Feature in the Printer Drivers 1
New Barcode Binary Samples 1
New Fax/Voice C++ Samples 2
New Brooktrout Feature in Voice C++ 2
Zooming Techniques in the Document Imaging SDK 3




New Watermark Feature in the Printer Drivers

There is already the ability for adding watermarks to the printed images in the Black Ice printer drivers, but now this feature has become more flexible. You can select a watermark image for the first printed page, and another watermark image for all other pages. So you can now use a “cover” watermark image. This feature can be specified on the Printing Preferences dialog.

 (See Figure 1)


If you check the “Unique watermark on the first page” checkbox, you can specify the watermark

image for the first page. You have to specify the path and name of the watermark image to be used, and  you can select an image for landscape pages and for portrait pages.

You can also specify the position and the brightness of the watermark.

New functions are
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New Barcode Binary Samples

There are new Barcode DM and PDF-417 Binary samples written in C#, J#, VB.NET 2005, Delphi 5.0 and Visual Basic 6.0. The Binary

Write samples can encode any binary data (for example: an .exe file, an image file, etc.) into Data Matrix and PDF-417 Barcodes. The

Binary Read samples can decode Data Matrix and PDF-417 Barcodes and save the result into a file as binary data.

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