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November Developer News
Volume 12, Issue 11 - November, 2007
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How to Set Parameters for  the Start Application Feature Programmatically in C#



You can customize the parameter list of the start application feature easily using the SetStartApplicationParamCode method of the BlackIceDEVMODE.ocx. You can pass a maximum of 7 command line arguments to a started application: document name, group file name, printer name, number of pages, multipage, orientation and a custom text parameter. You can enable/disable and set the order of the command line parameters with the SetStartApplicationParamCode method. Every parameter has a code:


document name 1

group file name 2

printer name 3

number of pages 4

multipage 5

orientation 6

customparameter 7


If you want to disable a parameter, the parameter code is the second parameter. If you want to set a parameter’s position in the argument list, the parameter code is the third. It could be a little confusing, but this newsletter should help make it clear.


To disable a parameter (for example document name), you should call the SetStartApplicationParamCode like this:


// 1 : document name (parameter code)

// 0 : disable parameter

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(BlackIceDEVMODE, 1, 0);


To set the second parameter to group file name, you should call the SetStartApplicationParamCode like this:


// 1 : parameter index (zero based integer)

// 2 : group file name (parameter code)

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(BlackIceDEVMODE, 1, 2);


The following C# example demonstrates how to pass a custom text (in this example “test param”) to the start application as the first command line argument, and the printer name as the second parameter:


// Enable pass parameters


// Disable all parameters except custom parameter and printer name

// Document Name

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 1, 0);

// Groupfile Name

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 2, 0);

// Number of pages

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 4, 0);

// Multipage

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 5, 0);

// Orientation

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 6, 0);


// The custom parameter will be the first and the only one

// 0: first parameter, 7: custom parameter

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 0, 7);

// 1 : second parameter index

// 2: Printer name

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetStartApplicationParamCode(pDEVMODE, 1, 3);

// Set custom parameter

BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetCustomStartAppParameter(pDEVMODE, "test param");