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Volume 12, Issue 10 - September, 2007
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The user-mode printer drivers save the Bates numbering settings in the registry instead of the printer driverís INI file. The following list shows you the meaning of the registry entries:



This is a COLORREF value. 0x00bbggrr.

The low-order byte contains a value for the relative intensity of red; the second byte contains a value for green; and the third byte contains a value for blue. The high-order byte must be zero. The maximum value for a single byte is 0xFF.


Font Charset

Specifies the character set.


Font Clipprecisions

Specifies the clipping precision. The clipping precision defines how to clip characters that are partially outside the clipping region.


Font Escapement

Specifies the angle, in tenths of degrees, between the escapement vector and the x-axis of the device. The escapement vector is parallel to the base line of a row of text.


Font Facename

Typeface name of the font


Font Height

Specifies the height, in logical units, of the font's character cell or character. The character height value (also known as the em height) is the character cell height value minus the internal-leading value.


Font Italic

Specifies an italic font if set to 1. Otherwise 0.


Font Orinetation

Specifies the angle, in tenths of degrees, between each character's base line and the x-axis of the device.


Font Outprecisions

Specifies the output precision. The output precision defines how closely the output must match the requested font's height, width, character orientation, escapement, pitch, and font type.


Font PinchAndFamily

Specifies the pitch and family of the font.


Font Quality

Specifies the output quality.


Font Strikeout

Specifies a strikeout font if set to 1. Otherwise 0.


Font Underline

Specifies an underlined font if set to 1. Otherwise 0.


Font Weight

Specifies the weight of the font in the range 0 through 1000. For example, 400 is normal and 700 is bold. If this value is zero, a default weight is used.


Font Width

Specifies the average width, in logical units, of characters in the font. If Font Width is zero, the aspect ratio of the device is matched against the digitization aspect ratio of the available fonts to find the closest match, determined by the absolute value of the difference.



Name of the bates format


Offset unit

Offset unit of the position values.

            0 : 0.1 mm

            1 : 0.01 inch

            2 : pixel



Position of the bates number

            0 : Top Left

            1 : Top right

            2 : Center

            3 : Bottom left

            4 : Bottom right



Bates number prefix string



Rotation of the Bates number text. You can set the font escapement with this value.


Start with

Bates start number



Transparency of the bates number

            0: Opaque

            1: Transparent


Use prefix

Use prefix string or not

            1 : use

            0: not use


X Offset

Horizontal offset of the Bates number



Vertiacl offset of the Bates number


For more information about Font settings please check the LOGFONT structure on MSDN.