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Volume 12, Issue 9 - September, 2007
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Printing Documents Programmatically


If you want to print a document programmatically you can try using the ShellExecute windows API function. The ShellExecute function tries to print the document using the application that is assigned to the specified file type in the system registry. If an application is assigned to the file type and it supports the “print” or “printto” feature from the command line you can print the document easily.


The following example demonstrates how to print a bitmap programmatically in C++:




// Initialixe structure

ZeroMemory(&sei, sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO));

sei.cbSize = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO );


sei.lpFile = _T("C:\\Test\\picture.bmp");



sei.lpVerb = TEXT("printto");

sei.nShow = SW_HIDE;

sei.lpParameters = _T("\"Black Ice Color\""); // Printer name

sei.hProcess = hProcess;




// Error occurred. See GetLastError

DWORD dwError = GetLastError();

return ;