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Dear [Customer Name],

At Black Ice Software, we understand that your business demands diverse printing solutions to meet specific needs. That's why we're excited to introduce our range of Virtual Printer Driver technologies designed to optimize your printing processes.

Single Printer Drivers:

Ideal for single user low-volume printing, the Single Printer Driver offers sequential (single-threaded) printing, ensuring each queued document is printed one at a time. With low system requirements and CPU usage, this solution provides a simple yet effective approach to your printing needs.

Single Printer Driver with Multiple Printers (Agent Printers):

For users with varying printing configurations, Agent Printers allow you to assign specific tasks to individual printers. Enjoy the benefits of sequential printing, low system requirements, and CPU usage while tailoring your printing setup to different needs.

Parallel Multi-Printer Drivers - Single Configuration INI File:

Our Parallel Multi-Printer configuration is the go-to solution for high-volume automated document conversion. Experience parallel printing and conversion, significantly reducing document conversion time. While demanding higher system requirements and CPU usage, the benefits of parallel printing make it ideal for efficient workflows.

Single Printer Parallel Driver (Multiport) with Single Configuration INI File:

Designed for print server environments with simultaneous user printing, this configuration ensures performance similar to Parallel Multi-Printers but with a single printer. Perfect for scenarios like faxing or archiving, it provides a balance between performance and resource utilization.

Complete Parallel Printer Drivers with Separated Configuration INI Files:

Tailor your printing setup with Complete Parallel Printers. Offering the same performance as Parallel Multi-Printers or Single Printer Parallel Drivers, this configuration provides separate printers, print processors, driver files, port monitors, and individual configuration INI files. Administrators can easily configure different printer settings, making it an excellent choice for integration with specific applications.

All these advanced Virtual Printer Driver technologies are available for Licensed and OEM printer drivers. Choose the solution that best aligns with your business requirements and experience enhanced printing efficiency.

If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right configuration for your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for advice to find you best solution.

Thank you for choosing Black Ice Software as your printing solutions partner.

A list of some recent improvements to the Printer Driver can be found below:

DATE : 01-09-2024
Version : 17.53 (revision: 3112)

  • Stability improvement for printing certain Excel documents that are printed as multiple print jobs using the Merge Documents Window (#17025)
  • Stability improvement for printing from Notepad on Windows 7 systems (#17063)

DATE : 01-04-2024
Version : 17.52 (revision: 3110)

  • Fix for duplicated text when printing already searchable documents into the “Searchable Compact PDF – OCR” file format (#16991)
  • Stability improvement for the Merge Documents Window when printing certain Excel documents that are printed as multiple print jobs (#17025)
  • Stability improvement for printing certain barcode fonts (#17026)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the Merge Documents Window (#17015, #17016)
  • Updated PDF DLLs to version

DATE: 12-13-2023
Version: 17.51 (revision: 3104)

  • Added support for specifying environment variables between % characters (#16958)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the Merge Window (#16977)
  • Improved OCR, Updated BiOCR.dll to version 13.16.996, Tesseract version 5.3.3 (#14990)
  • Updated the Rebex components to version 7.0.8720 (#16660)
  • Upgraded the Printer Driver interactive installers (InstallShield) to version 2023 R1

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