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Streamline document processes!
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Black Ice PDF Productivity: Top 3 Use Cases

Digital transformation can be a daunting journey, but it doesn't have to be. By going 100% digital with Black Ice PDF technology you can boost your bottom line and transform the success of your entire team. Here are the top 3 use cases for Black Ice PDF technology:

  1. Streamline Productivity: With Black Ice's all-in-one converter that supports PDF, Tiff, JPEG, and HTML, you no longer have to use five different converters across various workgroups and teams. Your team can now merge, split, password protect, email, add forms, OCR, and print all documents with one virtual converter. This will streamline your workflows and boost productivity across your team.
  2. Enhance Security: Outdated systems and technical complexities put your company and data at risk. But with Black Ice Printer Drivers, you no longer have to choose between usability and security. Our HIPAA compliant solutions include the ability to view and edit files in memory using the Tiff and PDF viewer. This ensures the security of your data while making it easily accessible to your team.
  3. Reduce Waste: Going digital means expanding employee access to tools that allow them to stop using paper. The Black Ice Printer Driver not only removes the need to physically print documents, but it also has many document processing options that eliminate the time spent processing the documents. You can upload various documents right to a document management system or your Web Server application with just a single click. This will not only reduce waste but also enhance your team's efficiency.

In conclusion, Black Ice PDF technology offers you the perfect solution to your digital transformation journey. It streamlines your productivity, enhances your security, and reduces your waste. Don't let outdated systems and technical complexities hold you back. Upgrade to Black Ice PDF Productivity today and take your business to the next level.

A list of some recent improvements to the Printer Driver can be found below:

DATE : 02-01-2023
Version : 17.32 (revision: 2960)

  • Stability improvement for the Merge Window in the TIFF/Monochrome printer drivers (#16187)
  • Made some of the licensing related error messages clearer (error 35) (#15890)
  • Stability improvement for starting the Print Spooler service after installing the Printer Driver using the MSI installers (#16173)
  • Writing the Print Spooler status to the Printer Driver MSI installer logs at the end of installation (#16173)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.34.310

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