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Convert Documents on ARM Systems!
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🖨️ Black Ice Software’s OEM Printer Drivers: Support ARM Systems 🖨️

Dear [NAME],

Did you know, Black Ice Software’s OEM Printer Drivers offer full support for ARM processor-based devices? This enhancement is part of our commitment to providing versatile document conversion solutions that cater to a wide range of computing environments, including the increasingly popular ARM systems.

Seamless Document Conversion on ARM Systems Our OEM Printer Drivers are engineered to facilitate effortless document conversion within your applications, regardless of the underlying hardware architecture. With ARM support, you can now deploy Black Ice Software’s printing solutions on a variety of ARM-based devices, ensuring compatibility and performance.

How It Works:

  • Integration: Easily integrate Black Ice Printer Drivers into your application on ARM systems, allowing users to convert documents to formats like PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and more.
  • Customization: Utilize our comprehensive API/Resource Toolkit to customize the document conversion process to fit your specific needs.
  • Deployment: Benefit from our simple deployment and dedicated support team to ensure smooth deployment and integration of your software.

Empowering OEM Applications For our OEM customers, this means you can now extend the robust document conversion features of Black Ice Printer Drivers to your ARM-based applications. Whether you’re developing for desktops, servers, or mobile devices, our drivers ensure that your document conversion needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Key Advantages for OEMs:

  • Cross-Platform Consistency: Maintain a consistent user experience across different platforms and devices.
  • Enhanced Performance: Leverage the efficiency of ARM systems to deliver faster document conversion within your applications.
  • Broader Reach: Expand your market by supporting applications on a wider range of devices and operating systems.

We invite you to explore the new possibilities available when integrating the OEM Printer Driver in your application. For more information on how to implement Black Ice Software’s OEM Printer Drivers in your ARM-based applications, please visit our website or contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing Black Ice Software, your partner in advanced document conversion technologies.

A list of some recent improvements to the Printer Driver can be found below:

DATE : 04-22-2024
Version : 17.63 (revision: 3143)

  • Added the export the every Agent Printer configuration option to the Printer Manager (#17343)
  • Stability improvements for uploading documents to the web, if the target URL contains ‘?’ characters (#17390)
  • Stability improvements for opening the Printing Preferences from MSIX applications or the Windows Settings on some systems (#17437)

DATE : 03-25-2024
Version : 17.62 (revision: 3139)

  • More accurate page size calculations, fix for a thin white border appearing on the top on certain pages and fix for overlapping pages (#17207)
  • Updated PDF DLLs to version

DATE: 03-15-2024
Version: 17.61 (revision: 3137)

  • The Printer thread count is automatically set to 3 when updating the printer drivers from the old 1 thread inst)
  • Increased maximum document name from 64 characters to 255 characters when using the “Print to File” option, or specifying the output filename in the DOCINFO Windows API structure. (#17274)

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