Black Ice Software - Auto-Print 16.75 is released!
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Black Ice Software
Auto-Print 16.75 is released!
Auto-print SDK
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Black Ice Software is proud to announce the newest release of the Auto-Print SDK with significant new features and many enhancements for developers!

Some of the recent features additions are:

  • Keeping the page orientation. Multi-page documents contain mixed portrait and landscaped oriented pages. In the conversion process this pages mostly get converted portrait or landscaped mode and orientation was lost.
  • Maintaining the page size. Many multi-page documents can contain different pages sizes like Letter, A4, and Legal page sizes.
  • Preserving Image resolution. Preserving image resolution of the original document can be an important factor when converting documents. If the original document had a high resolution of 1200 DPI image; the new format will preserver the 1200 DPI resolution.
  • Maintaining the color depth of the original document. When documents are converted many cased the color depth 1-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit is uniformly converted to 1-bit or 24-bit and critical document quality information is lost.

Each of these new features listed above can be enabled/disabled through the API function call BIAPSetIntProperty() to configure conversion properties or permanently pre-set these features through the BiAutoPrint.ini file.

Other notable additional Improvements are:

  • Added auto-detection of Adobe Reader 64-bit.
  • Added auto-detection of Foxit Reader 64-bit.
  • Added better detection of password protection in PDF files, and the ability to remove invisible white backgrounds from some PDF documents.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Auto-print includes the following:

DATE: 01-05-2022
Version: 16.75 (revision: 503)

  • Improved licensing related error messages (#14745, #14746)
  • Stability improvement for license checking if Auto-print was registered manually (#14743)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.27.294
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.76.2736

DATE: 09-21-2021
Version: 16.65 (revision: 495)

  • Added option to keep the page orientation and size when converting images (#14105, #14130)
  • Added option to keep the Color Depth when converting images (#14409)
  • Stability improvement for detecting password protection in some PDF files (#14265, #14387, #14397)
  • Stability improvement for printing PDF files with Foxit PDF Reader version 11 and above. (Foxit Reader was renamed to Foxit PDF Reader, causing Auto-print SDK to not be able to find it.) (#14403)
  • Updated Document Imaging DLLs to version 12.84.830

DATE: 08-09-2021
Version: 16.61 (revision: 481)

  • Added Page Break character support to the Black Ice Print Text helper (BiPrintText.exe) (#14294)

DATE: 07-06-2021
Version: 16.56 (revision: 480)

  • Stability improvement for printing email files when using the "Print the email only" option (#14145)
  • Stability improvement for printing email files when the attachment name includes invalid characters (#14161)

DATE: 06-30-2021
Version: 16.55 (revision: 478)

  • Added the separated Cc email address to the printed document from an email file (#14124)
  • Stability improvement for setting the path to the Foxit PDF Reader using the BIAPSetStringProperty Auto-print SDK function. (#14052)
  • Stability improvement for printing Unicode text files (#14119)
  • Stability improvement for printing email files if the attachment files include the colon (#14138)

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