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The Black Ice printer driver Resource Tool Kit includes an Email Add-on Sample for the printer drivers. The Email Add-on Sample comes with source code and enables developers to write a custom application to programmatically email documents. The automatically converted document will be added to an email as an

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New Email Add-on for the Black Ice Software Printer Drivers

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Text Box: Volume 11, Issue 2

February 2006


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New Language Support Added to the RTK

The Black Ice Software Fax C++ /ActiveX Development Toolkit supports Brooktrout release 4.1.0 SDK.  For fax developers, TR1034 and TruFax BRI fax hardware modules are fully supported and benefit from Brooktrout’s quality and performance improvements made by

Brooktrout’s 4.1.0 release.  Brooktrout’s release unifies and brings up to date all operating system environments supported by the TR1000 series product line.  Black Ice Software performed system testing using the Black Ice Fax C++ version 12.00 with Brooktrout’s 4.1.0 SDK

release and transmitted over 200,000 faxes in a single session without failure!


In addition to supporting Brooktrout’s 4.1.0 SDK, Black Ice has added new sample applications.  Watch for our March newsletter for more details

New Fax C++ version 12.10 is released

Black Ice Software

New Email Add-on for the Black Ice Printer Drivers


New Language Support Added to the RTK


New Fax C++ Version 12.10 is Released


Replace User Settings Sample


Use Document Name for Image Name


Tips and Tricks– How to Programmatically set Application Path and Name in the “Start Application” Feature.