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Printer Driver Sharing Utility

Until now, it was not possible to share a Black Ice Printer Driver across a network on a different Windows operating system from where the Black Ice Printer Driver is installed. For example: if you installed a Black Ice Color Printer Driver to a Windows XP machine and shared the printer, you could only use this printer on other XP and Win2000 operating systems, you could not use the shared printer on a Windows 2000 Server, or 2003 Server.

The new Printer Driver Sharing Utility is available with the purchase of a Black Ice Printer Driver for using the shared printer on different Windows operating systems. You can use a shared XP printer driver on a Terminal Server operating system and vice versa. The utility doesn’t support the Windows 9(X) and Windows ME printer drivers.

Using the Printer Driver Sharing Utility

The steps below demonstrate how to use the

Printer Driver Sharing Utility.

For example, when sharing a Color printer driver installed on a Windows 2003 Server on a Windows XP operating system:

1. Share the Color Printer Driver on the Windows 2003 machine. Call this machine ”server.”

2. Run the Printer Driver Sharing Utility on the Windows XP machine. Call this machine

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Using ePrintAnywhere to map black Ice Printer Drivers onto Terminal Servers

ePrintAnywhere is very popular with Terminal Server and Citrix Administrators due to the incredible ease with which they can map local client printers onto their Server. It requires no driver management by the Administrator and allows you to map

drivers that are not normally Terminal Server/Citrix compliant.
Software developers can use Black Ice Software’s ePrintAnywhere application to map locally installed Black Ice printer drivers (or just about any other

 printer driver) onto a Windows 2000 or 2003

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