The “YOUR COMPANY NAME” string contains your company as is indicated in the About box of your driver. The utility may only be used with the Black Ice Printer Driver it was purchased with.

Click the Next button.

3. Please note: If the utility is running on the Terminal Server, the installation of kernel level printer drivers must be enabled. At this point you have to connect to the server and click on the shared printer. Enable the installing of the printer driver automatically, if it’s needed.

Click the Next button.

4. Select the newly installed printer from the “available printers” combo box. Once you have selected the printer click the Finish button.
The utility will then make some configuration changes to the driver.
Click the Finish button to close the utility.

Shared Printer Driver Restrictions

The printed images will be generated on the server, not on the client.
On the client printer driver you must properly configure the following settings for it to work properly:

-Output Directory (on the Filename Generation tab): You have to select an output directory that exists on the server. If this directory does not exist on the server, the printed image is generated and placed in the TEMP directory for the machine.
If the output directory is a shared network directory (for example \\aaa\ccc), and the printed image is generated in the TEMP directory on the server, then the port monitor does not have read/write permission to generate the image in the network directory.

-Enable Start Application (on the Start Application tab): If you select a start application in the client printer, and this application exists on the server at the same location, the
selected application will run. This application won’t run on the client machine.

-Watermarks (Watermark tab): If you select a watermark on the client machine, these files must exist on the server machine with the same full path.
If the watermark image doesn’t exist on the server, the printed image will not contain the watermark.

-Using bates numbering (Bates Numbering tab): If you enable bates numbering and select a format from the combo box, the name of the format must exist on the server printer driver. If the format does not exist with the specified name on the server printer driver, the Bates number won’t be added to the printed image. The printed image will contain the Bates numbering, however it will be in the format that the server’s driver is configured for.

-Profile Manager (the Profile Manager tab): The management of the printer setting profiles does not work when the driver is shared.

Citrix Server. This can be very useful when you want the document conversion to be completed and stored locally instead of only on the Terminal Server.

Additionally, using the redirect printing option of the Black Ice drivers and ePrintAnywhere, your user can print to the Terminal Server driver and the converted document can be stored on the Terminal Server and also redirected to the User’s local driver allowing for the

document to be archived on the Terminal Server and sent to the User’s local machine or printed to the User’s local printer.

For more information about ePrintAnywhere or to download the free fully functional 15 day demo of ePrintAnywhere visit



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