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Support Included in Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX

The Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX not only allows developers to process images in memory but it also provides functionality which allows developers to quickly and easily index their application within a specified ODBC database. You can use the database features to store images in any of the file formats supported by the Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX and the database support includes a variety of callback routines and features multipage support.

Storing images in a database is often required in document archiving applications, dynamic web pages, electronic surveillance systems, etc. The images are stored as BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) in the database. The Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX provides several functions to save and load the images to and from a database. The developer can specify the database, table and record where to store the image, and also operations to traverse the next or previous record in a recordset.

Using the BiDB.DLL and BiDB.OCX components, the developer can directly write (store) a DIB (bitmap) into the database or read and, using the BiDisp.DLL, display images stored in the database.

In addition to DIBs, the Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX can store any supported image file in the database, including TIFF files, which can later be decoded directly from a memory object using the OpenTIFFInMemory() function. Using the OpenTIFFInMemory() function eliminates the time consuming steps of saving the TIFF data to a temporary file before opening it with a TIFF function. The TIFF is created in memory and every operation (conversion, setting or reading TAGs, etc.) is done in memory.

The Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX includes several sample applications which demonstrate how the Database functionality can be used, and these samples serve as a great starting point for any database imaging application.