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Support Included in TIFF SDK/ActiveX, Image SDK/ActiveX, and Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX

All Black Ice imaging and image-processing tools include a very powerful feature that makes displaying images to any display device easy.

When displaying images on display devices, there are several issues that have to be addressed. The color depth of the displayed image can be different from the color depth of the display device. The size of the image could be much bigger or much smaller than the size of the window that displays the image. In this case either the image has to be stretched/compressed to the right size or scroll bars must be used. Also, users may want to select an area of the image that is displayed or they may want to zoom in to view the details of an image area.

The display feature included in every Black Ice imaging and image-processing tool provides an easy to use solution for all the above problems. Application developers now do not have to spend expensive engineering time implementing complicated display routines. Just a few function calls and the Black Ice display routine will do the rest.

Display any supported image to any display device

  • Display 1, 8, and 24 bit images on any display device.
  • Use 4 dithering methods (Sharp, Smooth, Floyd-Steinberg, and Jarvis-Judice-Ninke) to convert color images to monochrome.
  • Convert color images to grayscale.

Display any supported image to any display device

  • Display images in 4 different modes: Normal, Scale to DPI, Fit to width, Fit to window.
  • Display/hide horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
  • Rotate images in 90-degree increments.
  • Rotate images to a specific degree
  • Flip images horizontally and vertically.
  • Skew and de-skew images.
  • Crop images.
  • Use anti-aliasing to improve the display of images.
  • Use panning to change the area of the image that is currently displayed.
  • Apply sophisticated image processing algorithms and filters.

Advanced zoom options and magnifying glass

  • Zoom in and zoom out of images by a factor of a fraction or integer.
  • Zoom in to an area defined with the mouse.
  • Zoom in and zoom out step by step.
  • Use the magnifying glass to check the details of an image area.

Simplify your application's image display with Black Ice Software tools, you control brightness and contrast settings, color reduction with dithering and palette control, zooming/scaling/fitting, panning, scrolling, painting. Additionally, Black Ice provides a special magnifying-glass feature.