TIFF File Formats Overview - Image Processing Toolkits Version number:

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Support Included in TIFF SDK/ActiveX, Image SDK/ActiveX, and Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX

Black Ice imaging tools include the most sophisticated TIFF File Processing tools on the market since 1989 and TIFF processing is a pivotal part of Black Ice software development toolkits.

TIFF processing allows software developers to create applications that encode, decode and manipulate TIFF files. Some of the key TIFF processing features supported by Black Ice tools are the following:

  • Encode and decode Group 3 1D, Group 3 2D, Group 4, Uncompressed, JPEG, LZW, Pack Bits compressed TIFF files, IBM MMR and IOCA files.
  • Line by line encoding and decoding of TIFF images through callback functions. (available only with C/C++)
  • Split a multi-page TIFF File with a single function call at a specified location.
  • Merge two multi-page TIFF file into one TIFF file with a single function call.
  • Create, encode and decode TIFF files in memory.
  • Create multi-page TIFF files.
  • TIFF Tag analyzer, display individual tags.
  • Edit, add or delete TIFF tags in a multi-image TIFF file without decompressing the image.
  • Reorder images in a multi-page TIFF file. Capable of handling more than 100,000 images in a single file.
  • Combine TIFF Files without decoding the image.
  • Support for CMYK encoding & decoding.
  • Support for 12-bit grayscale image encoding & decoding.
  • Support for 16-bit grayscale image encoding & decoding.