Text Processing Features | Black Ice Imaging Toolkits Version number:

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Support Included in TIFF SDK/ActiveX, Image SDK/ActiveX, and Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX

Black Ice imaging tools include a wide variety of text processing functions that can be very helpful in many different application areas. These features are the following:

  • Convert text to an image file: The user will select the font and the font size that will be used during conversion, the size and the resolution of the produced image the toolkit will do the conversion, will split the text to fit on several pages and will return the final single page or multi-page image.
  • Overlay text on existing images. This feature is very useful for applications that process forms. The image could be a form template and the text could be information from a database that should be placed to predefined locations on the template image.
  • Add text and other annotations like lines, highlights, stamps to existing images. The annotations can be burned in or can be saved for future processing. The font, the size and the color of the text can be specified. (Requires the Annotation SDK/ActiveX or Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX