Multiple Printer Driver Copies (API) Version number:

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The Black Ice printer drivers allow developers to install multiple copies of the same printer driver on a single system. In order to accomplish this, developers must create a unique set of printer driver files as well as unique names for each component of the Black Ice printer driver, such as the printer name, port name, etc.

Included in the Visual Basic install , which is part of the latest Resource Toolkits, is an example of how to install multiple printer driver instances on a single system. Developers can easily modify the provided two printer installation to create complex systems of 2 or more Black Ice printer drivers on a single system.

Since the Black Ice printer drivers operate just like a “typical" physical printer, printjobs will be added to the print queue and processed in the order they arrive. By using more than one instance of the Black Ice printer drivers on a single system, developers can manage multiple printers and process multiple printjobs at the same time, one printjob for each printer instance. Additional uses for multiple printer driver instances is to create a separate printer driver for each type of output file you will create. For example, developers can set up one instance of the new ColorPlus printer driver to generate PDF files, and a second instance of the ColorPlus driver to generate JPEG files. You can specify unique names which identify each printer, for example, the PDF instance can be named COMPANY PDF, while the JPEG instance can be COMPANY JPEG. This way you can instruct end users to print to the appropriately named driver and they won’t have to configure the drivers on their own.