Difference between Parallel Printers and Parallel Ports

The basic difference between “Multi-port parallel printing” and “multiple parallel printers” is that, all the users on the system are seeing one printer for “Multi-port printing” as illustrated on Figure 1 below. For “Multiple parallel printers” the users on the system see every added printer as illustrated on Figure 2.

For practical limitation; Black Ice Software would not recommend more than 16 ports or printers per server even though there are no limitations to how many printers or ports one can add. Black Ice Software has tested up to 50 port and 50 printers. Additional limitation may apply is the number cores on the system, since printing processor and memory intensive process, it is recommended once core per printer driver to full performance advantage.

Multi-port parallel printing

(Figure 1)

The parallel printer’s technology is available for the Black Ice Software ColorPlus, PDF, and Tiff/Monochrome printer drivers.

Multi-printer parallel printing

(Figure 2)

Additional considerations; Agent (task) printers are not parallel printers, each agent printer can have its own configuration for a specific task but there is only one driver and one port for every agent printer. Every print job sent to Agent printers is going through one driver sequentially one at the time.

Please notate; printing will fail with Microsoft Notepad if the printer driver has more than 16 ports.