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Black Ice Software offers several image and document imaging development tools which can be used to develop document conversion and imaging applications.

Imaging overview

Depending on what kind of project you are developing, we have several products which will aid you in this process. Below are a series of questions which which will assist you in determining which Black Ice products are ideal for your particular imaging project.

1. Do you require a mechanism to convert any file (Word, Excel, etc.) into an image file (TIFF, JPEG, etc.)?

  • You will need a Black Ice printer driver which can convert any printable file into an image file. We offer several different printer drivers to meet a variety of needs.

2. Do you need a toolkit which will allow you to display, print and modify image files?

3. Do you want to add annotations to image files?

4. Do you want to create PDF files?

5. Do you want scanner support?

6. Do you want to convert existing image files from one format to another?

7. Do you want to perform image clean up functions such as Punch hole removal, Black Border removal and Scan Line removal?

  • Please look at the Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX. which contains several high level document clean up functions, in addition to a long list of additional features.

8. Do you want to apply high level filters and effects to image files?

9. Do you want to create a fax related application?

  • Please look at the following products: Monochrome printer driver to convert any file into a faxable tiff file, TIFF SDK/ActiveX to display, manipulate and print tiff files, especially useful for the user interface portion of your application, and the Fax C++/ActiveX for the actual fax functionality.

10. Are you looking for batch converter functionality?

11. Are you looking for barcode read/write/decode functionality?

  • Please look at the Barcode SDK/ActiveX, which can be used with any Black Ice imaging toolkit or with third party imaging components.