Annotation Software - Redactions, highlights, watermarks and additional annotations
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Included in Impact Fax Server, Impact Fax Broadcast, TIFF Viewer and Impact ColorFax

The Black Ice Impact Fax and Imaging applications include powerful annotation functionality. The Annotation support included is a complete set of easy to use tools that enables users to add annotation, drawing, text, graphics, images, signature, stamps and sticky notes to a document in a shorter timeframe.

The annotation objects include vector graphics, text, bitmaps and user-defined objects. The annotation objects can be edited in many ways including resizing, moving, rotating, modifying font, deleting, moving to back or front, changing color attributes and much more. They can be saved in the image permanently or saved as a separate file. Annotations can be added to both color and black & white images.

Annotation Features:

  • Multi-layer annotation - annotations can be assigned to specific layers
  • Create Automated Annotation
  • Any annotation object can be used as a hyperlink. Hyperlinks can send messages/user messages, can execute programs, or can open Web pages
  • Multi level Annotation Undo feature
  • Cut, Copy and Paste annotations to and from the clipboard
  • Annotations can be permanently burned into an image, saved as a separate file, or saved in the TIFF header
  • Annotation passwords providing security for every object
  • Rotate Annotations
  • Resize and position any object
  • Print an object
  • Multi-page annotation support
  • Print the annotations with the image

Available Annotation Objects Include:

    • Line
    • Arrow
    • Ellipse
    • Rectangle
    • Rounded Rectangle
    • Note
    • Text
    • Hilite
    • White out
    • Freehand
    • Metafile
    • Rubber Stamp
    • User Defined Custom Object
    • Bitmap Objects
    • Hyperlink
    • Voice Object

Annotation Properties:

The following properties can be set for Black Ice Annotation Objects:

  • Start Application when clicked
  • Send message/custom message when clicked
  • Launch URL when clicked
  • Orientation
  • Color
  • Transparency
  • Orientation
  • Vertical Text Alignment (Text and Note objects)
  • Horizontal Text Alignment (Text and Note objects)
  • Text Color, Font and Style (Text and Note objects)
  • Line Width
  • Arrow Type

Additional Features:

  • Note object
    • Horizontal and Vertical Text alignment
    • User selectable font
    • User selectable background color
    • User selectable text color
    • Automatic Word Wrapping
  • Text object - similar to the Note object but the Text object has a transparent background and no frame around the text
  • Rubber stamp object - 30 prefabricated commonly used stamps, like “Paid", “Faxed", “Approved", etc.
  • The Note object now works with an Opaque / Transparent background
  • The black frame of the Note, Highlight and Whiteout objects can be turned off
  • Start up Zoom is configurable
  • Bitmaps can be placed over the image in transparent mode