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    The Print2Email converts any printable document to PDF, TIFF, or JPG and attached to an Email. Compatible with any SMTP server, Office 365, Thunderbird, Live Mail, Gmail, Yahoo and more...

    Never before was it easier to send documents as email! Send your documents as PDF or TIFF attachment to your business partners with single click by printing them through the Print2Email printer driver from Black Ice Software, LLC.


    How Print2Email works:

    Open the document that you want to send. Print to the Print2Email printer driver as you would to any other printer. By default your Outlook or Exchange Address book will be launched and you can select the recipient. Once the recipient has been selected, the e-mail form will open and the document will be automatically converted to the selected file type and added as an attachment. Click on Send and the email is on the way.

    Print2Email utilizes Black Ice Software's latest printer driver technology for increased reliability and security.

    Print2Email is fully configurable with many options. Print2Email can be set to send every document to the same e-mail address or a new recipient can be chosen each time. The file format can be specified for PDF, JPEG, TIFF either color or black & white.

    Now fully customizable MSI installers are available designed for large scale deployment in Active Directory environments. For MSI Installer availability, contact

    Why use Print2Email?

    Some Business Applications:

    • 911 Notification and Emergency Alert Notification, sending emails silently to large number of recipients
    • Banking, email banking forms
    • Accounting, email unmodifiable invoices
    • Architects, email house plan drawings
    • Real-estate, send listing and photos as a single document
    • Lawyers and Legal professionals, email unmodifiable contracts and legal correspondence
    • Graphic Artists, email high quality artwork for review
    • Travel Agents, send color travel plans to customers

    Other Benefits:

    • No more problems with finding saved files. Plus, no more emails sent with missing or forgotten attachments
    • Built in security! The document you send cannot be changed by the receiver or any third party. What you send is what they get!
    • Virus free email attachments! Even if the original document contained viruses, the generated image file will be virus free

    Easy To Use! Print2Email has a simple easy to use User Interface. Simply open your document and print the document to the Print2Email printer driver the same way you print to “regular" printers. Next, select the recipient(s) you want to send the document to and you are ready to go.

    Content base email sending:

    Print2Email includes Content Base Email Sending feature to extract specific information from the printed documents, (for example email subject) and Print2Email will send the email based on the extracted information.

    The following parameters of the email sending can be specified with Content Base Email Sending Feature; Recipient(s), Carbon Copy (CC), Blink Carbon Copy (BCC), Email Subject, Email Body, External file as additional attachment, Password protection for the attached PDF document to open or edit the PDF.

    Opening the image attachments:

    Recipients can open, save and store the attached document images just like any other attachment. If you do not have an image viewer you can download the Free TIFF Viewer and Internet Browser plug-in. The TIFF Viewer and Internet Browser Plug-in allows you to open TIFF and JPEG files created from any application - including Print2Email. A full blown version of the TIFF Viewer is also available online through our electronic distributor.

    Print2Email supports the following platforms:

    Supported Operating Systems:

    • Windows 11 (64 bit)
    • Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit)
    • Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)
    • Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
    • Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)

    Supported MAPI clients:

    • Microsoft Office Outlook:
    • Outlook Express
    • Windows Mail
    • Mozilla Thunderbird (without the Address book)

    Supported SMTP Servers (with SSL):

    • Hotmail
    • Gmail
    • Yahoo

    For Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008 R2 and 2008 please choose Print2Email Server.


    Print2Email is an annual subscription. A single license is valid for a single PC on Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista operating systems for one year . For multiple users on the same PC, no additional licenses are required. For installations on different PCs, you will need enough licenses to cover the total number of PCs.*

    Black Ice Software offer different licensing models for corporate users and End Users. For more information, please visit the What license do I need? page.

    Print2Email Server is also an annual subscription licensed per Server on Windows Terminal Server and Citrix environments. Please see the Print2Email Server pricing.

    *Subscription fee includes a support subscription.

    Print2Email Pricing

    Print2Email Licenses Subscription Price (Renewed Annually)
    Print2Email with PDF Subscription (Single License) $99.99
    Print2Email with PDF Subscription (5 Licenses) $199.00
    Print2Email with PDF Subscription (10 Licenses) $300.00
    Print2Email with PDF Subscription (25 Licenses) $525.00
    Print2Email with PDF Subscription (50 Licenses) $750.00
    Print2Email with PDF Subscription (100 Licenses) $999.00
    Corporate License Please Call

    *Please see End User License Agreement for legal definition of the licensing terms

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