License Reset Request Form

License Key Transfers are limited to customers with valid support contacts. If you do not have a valid support contract please contact to find out how you may add a support contract to your existing license key.

Customers with a valid support contracts can automatically transfer their license from one PC to another by uninstalling the software from the initial PC. Once the software is uninstalled the license is automatically released for use on a new PC.

The below request form is for customers with valid support who are unable to transfer using the automatically transferable licensing model above. Manual license key transfers are limited to one time per year starting from the date of purchase. License moving requests must be submitted in order for your key to be restored. An explanation must be submitted with your request explaining the need for moving the license. Please note: Hard Drive failures will not require a license key reset since the licensing is not connected to the hard drive. The reinstallation of the product onto the same system is not limited.

Please fill out this form if you would like to request your license number to be reset. Once the license has been reset, the serial number can be used one more time. A notification email will be sent to your email address after your request was processed.

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