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The FileFlow Server is a versatile application designed to the needs of both individuals and businesses to streamline email-sending processes on Terminal Servers.

The FileFlow Server automatically generates emails with attachments, by actively monitoring one or more predefined folders. The FileFlow adds the incoming document to the generated email as an attachment and sends the email silently in the background using preconfigured email settings.

    How does the FileFlow work?

    The FileFlow Server is a service-based 24/7 email-sending application, that runs in the background, actively monitors predefined folders, and silently sends incoming documents as attachments in email with preconfigured email settings. The FileFlow Server provides an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface for configuring email sending and folder monitoring.

    Set it up once and forget it! When set to compact mode, the FileFlow Server becomes a small icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Additionally, you can set it to start automatically when you turn on your computer.

    Benefits of the FileFlow Server:

    • Streamlined document distribution leading to efficient workflows
    • Automatically email invoices, receipts, orders, reports, etc.
    • Schedule repetitive emails depending on your needs
    • Archive documents sent in email
    • System administrators can easily review the file movement history through a detailed log file

    Email Sending

    The FileFlow Server supports all major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Live, AOL, iCloud, SMTP and Exchange Servers, and Outlook or other MAPI-compatible email clients. It can be preconfigured to send emails to multiple email addresses, with a preset email subject and email body. Once everything is set up, the FileFlow Server is ready to send out emails.

    Additionally, you can set up multiple email accounts with different configurations to meet all email-sending needs.

    Folder monitoring

    The FileFlow Server actively monitors the configured local or network folders for documents up to 24 hours a day. Need a break? You can set up a time schedule for folder monitoring. Simply select the desired days of the week and specify a time interval for starting and stopping the FileFlow Server Service. The FileFlow Server can also be configured to send only specific file formats, or filter files by name or size.

    Simply save, drag-and-drop, or paste documents into the monitored folder and the FileFlow Server does the rest of the work!

    Supported Operating Systems


    Windows Server 2022

    Windows Server 2019

    Windows Server 2016

    Windows Server 2012 R2

    For Windows Desktops please click here.

    Key features of the FileFlow Server

    • Send documents silently via email
    • Monitor multiple local or network folders simultaneously
    • Set up multiple email accounts for email sending
    • Send Emails with MS Outlook 365, MS Office 2019, 2017, 2013, 2010, Gmail, Google Workspace, MS Live, Yahoo, Mozilla Thunderbird and more...
    • Send Emails with SMTP mail servers (compatible with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Google Workspace, etc..)
    • OAuth 2.0 industry-standard secure authorization for using Office 365 and Gmail email provider
    • Schedule Email sending / File Monitoring
    • File format, file name, and file size filtering
    • Archive sent documents
    • Compact Mode (the FileFlow Server can run silently in the background)
    • Detailed event, and email sending log