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The IceViewer PDF allows users to view, print, annotate, organize, search, email, and edit image and searchable/vector PDF documents directly through the standalone user interface.

Along with the Standalone application, the IceViewer PDF includes a Browser Extension and a Web Application for Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge.

Looking to add support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and TIFF, FAX and other image file formats? Check out the IceViewer Pro Edition.

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    View, Edit & Print

    Page View Modes

    The IceViewer PDF offers a variety of view modes including multipage, fit-to-window, fit-to-width views, and more...


    Zoom in or out with ease to see every detail of the document.

    Magnifying Glass

    Focus on specific areas of your document with a simple click using the Magnifying Glass feature.

    Rotate or Flip Page(s)

    Fix page orientation within your document with the page rotation and flipping tools.

    Text Search

    Use the fast Text Search function to search through Searchable/Vector PDF documents.

    Fill PDF Forms

    Fill out PDF forms quickly and effortlessly.


    Print PDF documents and utilize advanced printing options.

    Print Preview

    Navigate through your document and zoom in on details easily before clicking the Print button.

    Merge or Split

    Merge Documents

    Combine multiple PDF documents easily with the IceViewer PDF.

    Merge Different File Formats

    Combine PDF documents and TIFF images seamlessly. Added pages or documents will be converted to match the file format of the target document.

    Split Documents

    Split documents at any point in your document with the Split function.

    Extract Page(s)

    Extract specific pages from existing documents and create a new file with the extracted pages.


    Reorder Pages

    Keep your document organized, with the Move Tool or by moving the page thumbnails in the Thumbnail Sidebar.

    Insert Page(s)

    Insert pages before or after a specific page in your document with the Insert Page feature.

    Copy, Cut, and Paste Page(s)

    Effortlessly copy/cut and paste pages within and across documents.

    Delete Page(s)

    Remove unnecessary pages from your document with the Delete Page(s) feature.



    Add Initials or Signature to PDF documents.


    Emphasize specific parts of the document with the Highlight annotation.


    Protect sensitive information with the easy-to-use Redact feature.

    Text, Comment, Note Annotation

    Add customized comments and notes to your documents with the intuitive annotation tools. Learn more...


    Freehand drawing on to documents.

    Shape Annotations

    Add customizable shapes (such as Rectangle, Ellipse, Arrow, and more...) to your documents.

    Add Stamp or Watermark

    Add Timestamp, Rubber Stamp, or custom Stamps/Watermarks to documents.

    Redact/Highlight Search Matches

    Once a search process is complete, one can redact or highlight the current or all search matches. Learn more...


    Password protect PDF documents

    Enhance document security PDF encryption.


    PDF documents with interactive elements (e.g. forms) will be no longer editable after saving.


    Text Recognition (OCR)

    Convert images and scanned documents to searchable text with IceViewer's powerful OCR technology. Learn more...


    Search through Image PDF or TIFF doucments using the OCR Search feature.

    Redact/Highlight Search Matches

    Search through Image PDF or TIFF doucments and redact or highlight the current or all search matches. Learn more...

    Save images into Editable PDF

    Convert TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or other image-based documents to searchable PDF file format.



    Scan, batch scan documents for easy distribution and storage.

    Document Cleanup

    Deskew images, or remove punch holes, black borders, black lines or black pixels.


    Deskew scanned photos or documents automatically or by using a custom angle.



    Share your documents quickly, by sending them as email attachments directly from the IceViewer.


    Upload documents to a SharePoint server with a single click directly from the IceViewer.

    IceViewer PDF is an annual subscription. A single license is valid for a single PC on Windows 11/10/8/7 operating systems for one year. For multiple users on the same PC, no additional licenses are required. For installations on different PCs, you will need enough licenses to cover the total number of PCs.*

    Black Ice Software offer different licensing models for corporate users and End Users. For more information, please visit the What license do I need? page.

    IceViewer PDF Server is also an annual subscription licensed per Server on Windows Terminal Server and Citrix environments. Please see the IceViewer PDF Server pricing.

    IceViewer PDF Licenses Subscription Price (Renewed Annually)
    IceViewer PDF (Single License)
    IceViewer PDF (5 Licenses)
    IceViewer PDF (10 Licenses)
    IceViewer PDF (25 Licenses)
    IceViewer PDF (50 Licenses)
    IceViewer PDF (100 Licenses)
    Corporate License Please Call

    * Prices subject to change without notice

    ** Subscription fee includes a support subscription.

    *** Please see End User License Agreement for legal definition of the licensing terms

    Black Ice Software, LLC
    950 Peninsula Corp Circle Suite 2017
    Boca Raton, FL 33487
    Tel: 561-757-4107
    Fax: 561-757-4109

    MSI Installer for large scale deployment

    The MSI installer for IceViewer PDF is designed for large-scale deployment in Active Directory environments. With the IceViewer PDF MSI installer System Administrators can create custom configurations for every User on the system and register or activate the IceViewer PDF. The MSI installer will greatly simplify mess deployment and eliminates the need for customers to build custom installations.

    The MSI installer is compatible with Microsoft SMS/SCCM, Zenworks, and Marimba.

    The MSI install has the following installation features:

    • Automatic silent installation
    • Automatic register/activate the IceViewer PDF with a serial number
    • Upgrade the IceViewer PDF while preserving the user settings using the MSI installer
    • Install the IceViewer PDF for evaluation
    • Configure installation target directory
    • Install IceViewer PDF with a transformation file
    • Configure the registration of the IceViewer PDF with Black Ice license server:
      • 443 port with SSL (default)
      • 80 port without SSL
      • 3500 port without SSL
      • 15000 port without SSL
    • Configure the connection to the license server with proxy server
      • Not using proxy server (default)
      • Attempt to discover automatic proxy
      • Use HTTP proxy
      • Use SOCKS proxy
    • Enables or Disables the Browser Plug-in for all users
    • Install the IceViewer Browser Extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
    • Pre-configure the IceViewer PDF with configuration INI file during installation

    The following features of the IceViewer PDF can be pre-configured:

    • File association
      • Tiff, Dialogic, GammaLink, Bicom/NMS (TIFF and TIF)
      • Fax
      • JPG
      • Bitmap (BMP)
      • PNG
      • Cals
      • ASCII (TXT)
      • PDF
    • Viewer settings
      • First Start
      • Auto Rotate
    • General settings
      • File extension dialog.
      • Display mode.
      • Controls the getting started dialog.
      • Enable the Thumbnail View for multi-page documents.
      • Enable Save View Setting feature.
      • Enable Auto Save feature.
      • Enable Show Annotation Color Lost feature.
      • Enable File Navigation feature.
      • Enable Thumbnail Browser feature.
      • Specifies the dithering method of monochrome (black and white) documents.
      • Enable Send documents in Email feature.
      • Enable Upload documents to SharePoint feature.
      • Enable OCR (Optical Character Recognition feature.
      • Configures the Enable loading annotation file automatically option in the IceViewer PDF General options.
      • Enable or disable saving.
      • Enable or disable memory file.
      • Enable or disable "Burn annotation into the image when saving the document" option.
      • Redirect saving.
      • Save directory.
      • Tools ribbon tab.
      • Annotation
      • Document cleanup.
      • Options
    • Annotation settings
      • Shows or hides all annotations
      • Selects the stamp type for the Default Stamp button on the Home ribbon.
      • Selects the stamp type for the Rubber Stamp button on the Annotation ribbon.
      • Shows or hides the date on the Timestamp.
      • Sets the date format for the Timestamp.
      • Shows or hides the time on the Timestamp.
      • Sets the time format for the Timestamp.
      • Shows or hides the minutes on the Timestamp.
      • Shows or hides the seconds on the Timestamp.
      • Shows or hides the time zone on the Timestamp.
      • Specifies the text of the Timestamp.
      • Specifies the position of text on the Timestamp.
      • Specifies the alignment of the timestamp text relative to the date and time on the Timestamp.
    • OCR configuration:
      • The absolute path of the application to open OCR documents.
      • The language of the OCR.
      • The absolute path of the directory to save the OCR files.
    • Printing configuration:
      • Enables or Disables the Center the Image Vertically option on the Print dialog of IceViewer PDF.
      • Enables or Disables the Center the Image Horizontally option on the Print dialog of IceViewer PDF.
      • Enables or Disables the Scale to Fit Page Proportionally option on the Print dialog of IceViewer PDF.
      • Enables or Disables the Use Image DPI option on the Print dialog of IceViewer PDF.
      • Enables or Disables the Stretch to Fit Page option on the Print dialog of IceViewer PDF.
      • Enables or Disables the Print annotations option on the Print dialog of IceViewer PDF.
    • Browser plug-in viewer settings:
      • This option configures the default View Mode of the Browser Plug-In.
    • Browser Plug-in printer settings:
      • Enables or Disables the Stretched to Fit Page option in IceViewer Browser Plug-In.
      • Enables or Disables the Center on Page option in IceViewer Browser Plug-In.
      • Configures the Default Printing Mode in IceViewer Browser Plug-In.
    • Scanning configuration:
      • When this option is 1, the IceViewer PDF will always remember and use the previously used batch scan directory.
      • Specifies the default scan directory where the batch scanned documents will be saved.
      • Twain data source manager selection allows users to select which data source manager version must be used for scanning.

      For example:
      msiexec /i "[PATH]\IceViewer64BitSetup.msi" /q TARGETDIR="C:\Black Ice\IceViewer" CUSTOMINI="[PATH]\IceViewer.ini" REGNUM=xxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx


      Supported Installation methods using Group Policy Deployment;

      • Assign to Computer (silent install)
      • Assign to User (silent install)
      • Publish

      Additional supported installation method;

      • Installation from command line (cmd.exe)

      Installing the IceViewer on VDI

      The IceViewer can be installed on Azure VDI, AWS VDI, VMware VDI, or any VDI system from the master image.
      The base requirement for licensing of the IceViewer is the IceViewer Special Installer with the licensing mechanism designed for VDI.
      The MSI or Interactive IceViewer Special Installer can be requested from Black Ice Software Sales

      The Interactive or MSI IceViewer Special Installer for VDI is not available for a single license and is not available from the online store only directly from Black Ice Software sales.

      Installing Black Ice products on Citrix VDI for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

      Installing Black Ice products on Azure Windows Virtual Desktop


      • .NET framework 4.0 or higher

      For MSI Installer availability, contact

    Web Solutions

    The number of cloud and web applications is more than ever. As more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, the need for a reliable and flexible web document viewer solution rises.
    Black Ice IceViewer PDF offers different solutions for viewing documents in a web browser.

    IceViewer Core

    Lightweight and Flexible Solutions

    In most cases, we recommend our IceViewer Core Web Application, which is a lightweight and flexible solution with a rich feature set for viewing and editing documents in the browser.

    Chrome / Edge Extension

    Chromium-based Solutions

    Ideal solution for viewing multi-page TIFF and PDF files from the web in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

    Which web solution should I choose?

    While our solutions for the web offer a similar feature set, there are significant differences between installation and integration. Please see the most important differences below:

    IceViewer Core Chrome / Edge extension
    Browser Support Chrome, Edge Chrome, Edge
    Easy Integration (IFRAME) Support YES YES
    URL Parameter support for Easy Integration YES YES
    Support Multi-Page Documents YES YES
    OCR and Search YES YES
    AI Assistant YES NO
    Annotation Support Full Support for Viewing and Editing Full Support for Viewing and Editing
    Open Files on New Tab YES YES
    Open Files on New Window YES YES
    Internet Connection Not Required Required
    Installation Easy – Installs with IceViewer Intermediate – Installs with IceViewer, but users may have to enable it manually in the browser.
    Update to a new version Updates with IceViewer Partially updates with IceViewer, and partially from the Chrome Web Store automatically
    Large-Scale Deployment Easy – MSI Installers and parameters Intermediate – MSI Installers and parameters, and Group Policy settings for the extension installation
    Uninstallation Easy – Uninstalls with IceViewer Intermediate – Uninstalls with IceViewer, but Chrome and Edge browsers must be closed and reopened to complete.
    Technology The latest ASP.NET Core Web Application Chrome Browser Extension
    Environment Self-Running Application Inside Chrome / Edge