Task Emails
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Task Emails allow the creation of new printers with predefined email settings, based on the Print2Email printer. With Task Emails users can create separate printers with pre-defined emails for routine tasks without having to repeat email configuration steps each time. Users can create as many Task Emails as necessary.

Add new Task Email

To create a new Task Email, please navigate to the Task Emails tab in the Print2Email and click the Add new button. On the appearing window, users can add a name and a description for the Task email printer driver and select if the Task email printer driver only should be created for the current user or every user on the computer. Please note; creating a Task Email printer driver requires administrator privileges.

By clicking on the Continue button, the Email Sending window appears where users can configure the Task Email settings.

When finished configuring the new Task email, click on the Save Task Email button, and the new task email appears in the list of the available task emails.

To save task email settings for every user, please run the Print2Email as an administrator, navigate to the Task Email tab, select an already existing Task Email and click on the Save Task Email settings for every user button.

On Windows 10/8/7 and Windows server 2019/2016/2012/2008 R2 the created Task Emails appear in the Control Panel > Devices and Printers in a grouped form under the Print2Email. Right-click on the Print2Email and go to Printing Properties / Printing Preferences for the Task Email.

The name and description, the email settings, and the Task email printer driver settings can be modified at any time by selecting the appropriate option on the Task emails tab of the Print2Email.

To read a more detailed description of Task emails, please see the Task Emails section of the Print2Email online manual.