Brooktrout Installation Utility - TR1034
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Install utility for the Brooktrout TR1034 boards

The most difficult and time consuming part of setting up a fax/voice system is to install the fax hardware and to configure the hardware to work with the phone line.

The Brooktrout boards have several configuration files and the information contained in all the configuration files is essential in order to make the installation and configuration process succeed.

The utility is a wizard style installation and configuration tool that will do most of the Brooktrout board setup. The user has to provide some very basic information like PCI or ISA bus type, board model number and the utility will detect the board, will install the drivers and will create all the necessary configuration files. If there is a hardware conflict the utility will report that and will give suggestions for the user on how to fix the conflict. It will even advise the user on where the hardware specific jumpers and switches are located on the board and what jumper or switch setting they have to change.

This installation utility is available only for Black Ice customers. The Brooktrout Install Utility is not specific to Black Ice products and can be used with any Brooktrout compatible application. For this reason, it is only available to Black Ice customers.

Contact the Black Ice Sales department at for information on how to request a copy of the utility.

Brooktrout support is included in the following Black Ice products: