Content Based File Naming
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Black Ice Printer Drivers have a built-in content based file naming feature to specify the file name of the printed output document, based on the document’s content.

When printing a document to the Black Ice Printer Driver and the 'Use filename from page content' is selected, the Printer Driver recognizes a special character sequence on the printed document and sets up the filename generation based on the extracted information. The special character sequence is removed from the document body and not be displayed.

To use the content based file naming feature, the desired filename must be inserted dynamically such as (invoice number, purchase order number, customer name) to form the document name between special character sequences (for example: ##~~Filename=Invoice Number~~).

To enable the content based file naming feature of the Printer Driver, please navigate to the Control Panel > Devices and Printers > right-click on the Black Ice Printer Driver > Printing Preferences > Filename Generation tab and under Filename generation methods please select the 'Use filename from the page content'.

Please note that the ‘Filename’ tag must be on the first page of the printed document.

When the ‘Save each page as separate file’ and the ‘Use filename from page content’ options are both enabled in the Printing Preferences, the Printer Driver is able to print each page to a different file with a different filename. Please note that in this case, the ‘Filename’ tag must be on every page in the document. If the Printer Driver finds a page without a ‘Filename’ tag, it will merge the page to the previous page (creates a multipage document) until the next 'Filename’ tag is found or until the end of the document.

For Example

The following ‘Filename’ tag is embedded on the printed document:

##~~Filename=Invoice 0066050137~~

(MS Word document with the embedded 'Filename' tag)

Printing the document results with the following filename and the ‘Filename’ tag is removed from the page:

(Printed document with the generated filename)