Fax Cover Page Generator and Editor
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Included in Impact Fax Broadcast, Impact Fax Server and Impact ColorFax
Get a free copy of Fax Cover Page Generator and Editor with Impact ColorFax!

Fax Cover Pages can be used to personalize faxes, as well as to present a more formal looking fax transmission. The fax cover page functionality can be used to automatically fill in fields on the fax cover page to personalize your faxes. For example, you can automatically have the Impact Fax products fill in the name, company and fax number of the individual or organization you are sending the fax to. This information will be taken directly from the application's phone book, there is no need to type in the information for every fax you send.

New Cover Pages!

Three cover pages are in full color and three are in monochrome.

Color Cover Page 1 Color Cover Page 2

The Impact Fax products also include an advanced fax cover page editor. The cover page editor helps you customize faxes. To send a cover page with a fax transmission, you must use a cover page file. Cover pages created with the editor will have a .cpg file extension, for example Blackice.cpg. You can (and should) also put your own contact information, company logo, etc. on the fax cover page template so that your recipients will know who the fax came from. Fax cover pages provide a more professional touch to your fax transmissions and are highly recommended when faxing resumes, invoices, etc.

Impact Cover Page Generator and Editor Features:

  • Cover Page Template Editor - A high level tool to create and edit fax cover sheet templates
  • Color Cover Page editor for Fax Applications
  • Cover Page Template Editor has 11 predefined edit field types
    • From - The Sender's Name
    • From - The Sender's Company Name
    • From - The Sender's Phone Number
    • From - The Sender's Fax Number
    • To - The Fax Recipient's Name
    • To - The Fax Recipient's Company Name
    • To - The Fax Recipient's Phone Number
    • To - The Fax Recipient's Fax Number
    • Fax Date
    • Fax Subject
    • Cover Page Comment
    • User Definable Field
  • Powerful Cover Page Editor including the following functionality
    • Grid display
    • Place image or logo on template
    • Dynamic Text Box - text can be automatically extracted from the Impact Fax application's phonebook
    • Static Text Field Button
    • Draw Line
    • Draw Ellipse
    • Draw Rectangle
    • Change Line Width
    • Change Font
  • Place pictures such as company logos on the cover page.