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Want to send and receive faxes via your email? With Impact Fax Server it’s easy!

The Impact Fax Server can be configured as an Email to Fax Server. This means that the Impact Fax Server has the capability to retrieve e-mail messages from a dedicated e-mail address, convert it to a fax and send it. The sender of the email will receive an e-mail notification giving the result of the faxing transmission.

The Impact Fax Server's Email to Fax functionality allows users to send a fax from anywhere in the world, using any email client or email provider.

To use the Impact Fax Server as an “Email to Fax Server” you will need the following:

  • A POP3 server that hosts a dedicated e-mail address: The Impact Fax Server will periodically retrieve all the e-mails sent to this address and will convert them to faxes and send them out.
  • An SMTP Server: The Impact Fax Server will use the SMTP Server to send confirmation e-mails to the users.

When you want to fax a document you just attach it to an email and send that email to your fax server’s email address for example with the fax number and the name of the recipient in the subject line.

When you click “Send” the email will be sent to the Fax Server’s email account.

With the Impact Fax Server Email to Fax Functionality enabled the Impact Fax Server will log into the specified email account and download all the messages that are there. It will then process them converting the attachments to TIFF files and faxing them to the number specified in the subject line.

Impact Fax Server can process the following attachments, TIFF files, PDF files, and MS Office files and convert them into faxable images.

Once the email has been processed and the fax has been successfully sent the Impact Fax Server will respond with a status notification email.

Using the Impact Fax Server you can specify that you want your faxes delivered as TIFF or PDF attachments. TIFF is the standard FAX image file format however with Impact Fax Server 6.0 you can now deliver faxes to your office staff as PDF files.

Using Microsoft Outlook for your email? Use the Impact Fax Server Outlook Client and you can use your Outlook Contacts as your fax phone book and even send faxes to multiple recipients.