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Included in Toolkit
Available as an add-on
TIFF SDK/ActiveX Image SDK/ActiveX Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX
Thumbnail Control  
TIFF File Formats
Image File Formats  
Advanced Printing - available only from Black Ice    
Internet Imaging
Document Imaging    
Multiple Compressions Supported 
Color Space Conversion  
Color Depth Conversion  
Enhanced Transformations
TIFF File Processing
Text Processing
Fax Image Processing
Scanning - TWAIN  
Database Imaging    
Common Dialogs    
Special Effects    
Create custom image processing filters    
Fully .NET compatible
Use ActiveX  properties/methods/events
Directly call exported DLL functions
Create small footprint applications
Low-level access to pixel data  
Full control over load/process/save with callbacks
Share images (w/o copying) via DIBs/DDBs
Full control over all display options
Access to all TIFF tags
Image PDF Read/Write    
Fax Cover Page Generator  
Document Clean-up    
Scale-to-gray/favor-black filters (anti-aliasing)  
12 and 16 Bit Grayscale
Barcode read/write