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Black Ice Software ® releases their much-anticipated Barcode printing with Document Converter Virtual Printer Drivers version 13.60 that includes a content-based barcode printing capability

This release includes content-based barcode printing, static text, and other barcode printing possibilities to increase document automation processing speed for businesses.

Nashua, NH – April 24, 2013 -- Black Ice Software, a leading supplier of document conversion , printing, imaging and faxing software, announces the release of version 13.60 of the Black Ice Document Converter Virtual Printer Drivers. The new release includes content based barcode printing on a document as the document is converted by the Black Ice Document Converter printer driver.

The new release places a barcode on a document based on the printed document content. Third-party Developers and System Integrators will benefit from this feature because it increases document automation processing speed and efficiency. Static text barcode printing is also available for common document labeling, such as a company name including address, company web site, or document tracking information.

“Content-based barcode printing will have a wide range of effects on document processing such as invoicing, shipping, medical imaging, receipt printing and accounting. With this new technology, patent pending, specific items from the printed document content can be extracted as the document is printed, converted to barcode and placed right on the printed document,” said Jozsef Nemeth, CEO.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of the Black Ice Software Document Converter printer drivers comes with an API that enables Developers to control the document conversion process ― including the Barcode generation for the document.

Black Ice Software continues to work towards its’ mission of leading the document conversion technology sector by developing cutting-edge applications for businesses to operate more efficiently.


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For more information about this new version release or how to purchase it, companies can call the sales team at 1-561-757-4107 extension 2. They can also visit the product landing page on our website at

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