Two New Printer Drivers to Create Ready-to-Publish HTML

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Black Ice Software Announces the Release of Two New Printer Drivers to Create Ready-to-Publish HTML Files

Enhancements Gives Businesses Printing Flexibility and Increased Workflow Efficiency

Nashua, NH - January 14, 2010 -- Black Ice Software, a leading supplier of printing, faxing, and imaging toolkits, announces the release of the new Color and ColorPlus Printer Drivers. The new version releases of both applications feature a self-contained HTML printer driver for creating ready-to-publish HTML files with formatted text, graphics, and styles.

"The HTML file format is a great new addition to the already feature-rich Color and ColorPlus Printer Drivers. Users can convert any printable document into editable HTML files with easy integration into Sharepoint content management servers," .” said CEO, Jozsef Nemeth.

The new HTML file format is output with user-defined text, image, graphic, CSS, and page dimension handling features. Text is extracted into editable, properly positioned paragraphs, and position and styling information is preserved according to the source document. Images are extracted into a sub-directory, and vector graphics are rasterized. CSS support includes internal styles embedded into the header, individual CSS files for individual pages of the document, or one combined CSS stylesheet containing all style declarations. Best of all, the HTML Printer Driver can be easily integrated into Sharepoint or any other content management server.

Information about Availability, Pricing, and Purchasing

ColorPlus is fully scalable to meet the needs of any organization. For more information about the ColorPlus Printer Driver or to purchase it, visit For standard licensing or customized needs, contact the Development Sales Team at 561-757-4107 extension 2.

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