New Vista Compatible 32 bit Printer Drivers

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Black Ice Software Announces New Vista Compatible 32 bit User-Mode Printer Drivers.

Amherst, NH Feb 1, 2007 -- Black Ice Software, LLC (“Black Ice"), a worldwide provider of imaging, printing and communication applications and development tools, today announced the release of Vista Compatible 32 bit User-Level version of their Monochrome, Color, ColorPlus, EMF and PDF Printer Drivers.

Black Ice Software’s new 32 bit User-Mode Printer Drivers have many advantages over the Kernel-mode printer drivers:

  • There is less potential for causing a system crash using the new 32 bit User-Level drivers over Kernel-mode drivers.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista now supports only user-mode printer drivers making kernel-mode drivers incompatible on your new Vista system.
  • The new drivers offer simple migration to Windows Vista.
  • There is unlimited stack space while using the drivers.
  • Due to new security reasons, Microsoft no longer recommends kernel-mode drivers on any of their platforms. Any drivers running at the Kernel level is at risk for security flaws.

A fully functional evaluation version of the new 32 Bit User-Mode Printer Drivers can be downloaded from .

About Black Ice Software, LLC

Black Ice Software (, is an Amherst, NH based, privately-held software development company, established in 1989. Black Ice Software develops high- quality development toolkits for printer driver technology, fax, voice, and imaging development toolkits and applications used across the globe by e-commerce organizations, system integrators, VARS, and financial corporations, including some of the world’s most prominent companies.