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1. My internet connection disconnected during remote desktop connection. What should I do?

Do not close the remote desktop window, the RDP connection will reestablish soon after the internet connection comes back

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2. I see the Printers on the server during the RDP connection, but the printed documents do not appear on my computer or my attached physical printer.

Verify that the connection between the Print2RDP Server and Print2RDP client was successful. You can check connection status in (Start menu -> Programs -> Print2RDP Client) “Print2RDP Client Setup” by clicking on the “About” tab.

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3. When I log in to Print2RDP Server I do not see my attached printers.

If multiple users connect with the same user account to the terminal server with RDP, it is possible that you don’t see your attached printers, because another user is logged in at the same time with the same user account or he was not logged out properly from that session. In this case the Print2RDP cannot initialize the printers properly. To remedy the situation, please, log out (Start menu -> Log out) and try connecting again. Re-login will initialize the printers.

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4. If I log in to the Print2RDP server from another machine with the same user I see different printers.

The Print2RDP attaches the selected printer(s) of the machine from where you connect to the Print2RDP Server. If you log into the Print2RDP Server from another machine (with Print2RDP client is installed), Print2RDP will attach the selected printer(s) of that machine. Since the printers may be different on different computer you could see a completely different set of printers.

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5. The Prit2RDP Server alerts me "There are not enough concurrent licenses", but I'm sure that I have more licenses.

It is possible that you haven't logged out from the other RDP sessions properly, just close the session window. Please log out from RDP session (Start menu -> Log out) and try connecting again.

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6. I see other printers attached to Terminal Server but I haven't added them with the Print2RDP client. How is this possible?

The Terminal Services can attach printers by default. To determine which printers are added by Print2RDP please check the Printer Naming panel of the Print2RDP Server. By default the Print2RDP will add your printer as "Printer Name - Session ID", so you will see the printer with an extra number that identifies the session which contains the printer. (In the Printer Naming panel you may choose a different printer naming scheme.)

If you are using Remote Desktop Connection, you can disable automatic printer adding by Terminal Services in the Remote Desktop Connection Options under the local resources tab by unchecking Printers checkbox. Print2RDP printers will be still visible.

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7. There are not enough concurrent licenses? If I log into the Terminal Server I get the message "There are not enough concurrent licenses" , but I know I have more licenses left. What should I do?

Maybe one or more licenses are stuck in the Print2RDP Server for certain reasons, e.g. users were not logged out properly. Please use the "Reset License" feature in the "License Information" panel of the Print2RDP Server. This will release all concurrent licenses and you will be able to connect. Note: Please finish every remote printing job before resetting licenses.

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8. The print2RDP client can't connect to the Print2RDP server? Why does the Print2RDP Client About box show "Not Connected"?

There could be several reasons why that the Print2RDP client can't connect.

  • If one installs the Print2RDP server on a TS clustered server environment (with or without Virtual Terminal Server), the Print2RDP server may not be installed on every TS server in the cluster. In this case a user may connect a TS server which does not have the Print2RDP server installed. Therefore the client can’t connect to the Print2RDP server. Resolution, in a clustered TS environment the Print2RDP must be installed on every Terminal Server.
  • If the Print2RDP service fails, the Print2RDP client will not be able to connect to the Print2RDP server. Resolution, check the event viewer for messages. Check Print2RDP Notification service and make sure that it is not stopped. If the Print2RDP Notification service is still running stop the service and restart it.

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9. Recently the Print2RDP printers don't show up when I login to the server. What should I do?

In some rare cases the Print2RDP login process can get stuck and the client printers will not be added. Please do the following steps on your server machine to remedy the situation:

  • 1. Login to the server locally as administrator, not with remote desktop.
  • 2. Open Task Manager
  • 3. Click on the Processes tab, and search for EPAlogin.exe and all processes which start with EPA…
  • 4. Now kill all EPA processes.
  • 5. Open Print2RDP Server Setup and press reset licenses button under the license information tab.

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