ASCII Text File Format
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The Black Ice printer driver is capable of extracting the text from the printed document and function as “Text Printer Driver”.

The text extracted from the document is saved as a standard text file which can then be processed as necessary. The text file will have the same name as the image, but using .txt extension. To enable text extraction, check the Extract text to file option from the File Formats tab.

If the printed document contains more than one page, and the Save each page as separate file option is not checked, all of the extracted text will be saved into a single text file. The text file will contain delimiters for each new page in the “Page 1:”, “Page 2:” format.

The “Text Printer Driver” can merge multiple print jobs into a single Text output, if “merge/combine” option is configured.

If the Save each page as separate file option is checked, a separate text file will be generated for every page of the printed document.

By default the text file is generated as ANSI text, however UNICODE text is also supported. In order to turn on the UNICODE text support use the Eastern character support option from the File Formats tab.

ASCII Text output is included in the following Black Ice printer drivers: