Merge Multiple documents into one single file silently
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Black Ice Printer Drivers can merge / combine multiple print jobs in the background silently into a multipage file, as long as the selected file format supports multiple pages, such as TIFF, PDF, and so on.

In order to combine multiple printing jobs, users must do the following:

On the File Formats tab, uncheck the Save each page as a separate file option.

Merging documents

Go to the Filename Generation tab and disable (uncheck) Enable Save As Option.

Merging documents

Set the Black Ice Printer Driver Filename Generation Method to one of the Exact Filename methods, such as Exact Filename.

Select a fixed document name as the output from the printer driver.

Check the Combine/Merge multiple documents into a single file option.

Print multiple documents to the printer driver. If the filename specified in the driver already exists, subsequent print jobs are appended to that file. If the file does not exist, the first print job creates the file and the following print jobs are appended to the file.

NOTE: If the PDF file is password-protected, appending fails.