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The Black Ice ColorPlus and Color Printer Drivers include an HTML printer driver which can convert any printable file into an editable, ready-to-publish HTML file including text, picture and graphics.

The HTML Printer Driver creates an editable HTML output from your source document. Each page of your source document will be transformed into an HTML page.

Text handling features:

  • Texts are extracted into editable HTML paragraphs exactly positioned according to the source document
  • Supports strikethrough, underline, italic, bold weighted text declarations
  • Font information is preserved and displayed according to the source document with some limitations: embedded fonts of a PDF documents will not be displayed properly unless the end user will have the same font installed in his system.

Image handling features:

  • Images are extracted from the document into separate image files
  • image files are placed into a separate folder
  • limitations: clipped, rotated and sheered images will be displayed without any transformation (e.g. without rotation)

Vector graphics handling features:

  • Vector graphics are displayed as rasterized images
  • Vector graphics can be disabled

CSS handling features:

  • internal CSS support (style can be embedded in the HTML document header)
  • style declarations can be written into an external CSS file, one CSS file per page or combine all CSS declarations into a single file

Page dimension handling:

  • Custom html page dimensions can be specified in several measurement units:
    • pixel (e.g. 800x600px)
    • 0.01 inch
    • 0.1 mm

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