INI file generation for MSI installer Version number:

The Black Ice Printer Drivers Installer can be used to generate a custom INI file for MSI installers. The Printer Drivers Installer has a built-in feature to generate custom INI files through the usual installation process of the Black Ice Printer Drivers. The generated INI files can be used for custom MSI Installations for large scale deployments, or to export/import custom configurations between systems.

To create custom INI file one needs a system to perform a manual installation of the printer driver to configure the printer with the desired features and functions. To start a standard manual installation process of the printer driver. During the installation process the Configuration Manager window will be displayed. Select the Custom Config option and click the Next button.

MSI Installation

The second Configuration Manager Window will be displayed, click on the Custom Printer Driver Configuration (default for every user) button on the middle of the screen.

MSI Installation

The Printer Driver Printing Preferences window appears with the available printer driver feature Tabs. One can manually configure desired options for every Tab.

Once every Tab is configured, click on the OK button to close the Printing Preferences and the installation continues.

MSI Installation

Click on the Next button, and follow the further instructions to complete the Printer Driver installation.

MSI Installation

Once the Installation is finished successfully, the Installer generates the customized INI file in the following directories:

On 32 bit operating systems

On 64 bit operating systems

For specific name for a Printer Driver INI filenames please see:

    For Windows Desktop systems.

  • BuCiniNT.ini - for the Color driver
  • BuAiniNT.ini - for the ColorPlus driver
  • BuEIniNT.ini - for the EMF (metafile) driver
  • BuMIniNT.ini - for the TIFF (monochrome) driver
  • BuPIniNT.ini - for the PDF driver
    For Windows Server systems.

  • BuCIniTS.ini - for the Color Terminal Server driver
  • BuAIniTS.ini - for the ColorPlus Terminal Server driver
  • BuEIniTS.ini - for the EMF Terminal Server driver
  • BuMIniTS.ini - for the TIFF Terminal Server driver
  • BuPIniTS.ini - for the PDF Terminal Server driver

The generated INI files can be copied and used for custom MSI Installations for large scale deployments, or to export/import custom configurations between systems.

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