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The Black Ice printer drivers can be installed as part of a developers existing application install, or as a separate component. To assist with installation, Black Ice Software has developed and included a sample Install Shield script as part of the Resource Toolkit shipped with every release driver. The Install Shield sample is provided in addition to the sample Visual Basic installation , and is based on the dInstallBlackIcePrinter function of the Black Ice printer driver Install DLL.

The purpose of the Install Shield sample script is to provide developers with an example of how to install the Black Ice printer drivers.

The Install Shield sample install for the Black Ice printer drivers can easily be customized to meet a company’s specific need, such as installing with a unique printer name or specific default printer settings. Since the Install Shield sample calls a single function of the Black Ice printer driver Install DLL, developers only have to change the parameters of this one function call to reflect their specific printer requirements, such as changing the printer name, port name, printer driver file names, etc. Developers can change specific settings of the Black Ice printer drivers at install time by using the BlackIceDEVMODE DLL or OCX, or they can customize the ini file (BIMININT, for example in the case of the TIFF/Monochrome Printer Driver for Desktop) to install the driver with a specific configuration as the default settings for all users of the Black Ice printer driver.

The source code is not available in DEMO API/Resource Toolkit.

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