Fastest Available Printing Speeds
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The Black Ice printer drivers provide the fastest available document conversion speed on the market. Black Ice Software continually strives to increase the speed and functionality of the Black Ice printer drivers, and the latest Black Ice printer drivers are currently the fastest drivers available.

Most applications are using monochrome (1 bit) file formats such as TIFF Group 3, 1 bit PDF, etc. On Windows operating systems, every document is printed by the printing application as a 24 bit color document. In order to convert the final image to a 1 bit image, the Black Ice printer driver can use one of the following dithering algorithms:

  • Disable Photo Quality (Default dithering)
  • Floyd Steinberg
  • Jarvice–Judice-Ninke
  • Sharp
  • Smooth
  • Stucki
  • Threshold

Different dithering methods will produce different results, in quality as well as in file size. The printing time depends on a variety of factors, including the dithering algorithm selected in the File Formats tab of the Black Ice printer driver settings.